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Meet Our Team

The team at Ayur Ras Healing Foods combines their individual dynamic skills to create an absolutely unique presentation both traditional and contemporary in style. Mouthwatering dishes so exotic and sensual to taste, that a little is enough to satisfy your palate. At the same time providing a healthy balance of the digestive health.
The secret recipes from the Royal Palaces of India have been tastefully combined with the Healing properties of the ancient Science of Ayurveda to create foods that are “Healing”.
Every mouthful is an experience of Taste, Texture, Flavor, and Healing.

“Food is an important piece of information for the body. What you put into your body has an effect on your mind, body and soul and determines your thoughts and your actions.”

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JJ Jauhar

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JJ Jauhar brings his fresh innovative ideas to the Los Angeles food world. Having gotten his feet wet in the New York Restaurant scene where his family owned three restaurants, he is an experienced “foodie” and restaurateur. JJ’s expertise and flair incorporate all aspects of full-service dining; the taste, the presentation, and above all, the atmosphere.

His experience in restaurants and night clubs in New York City and Washington, DC for several years, has helped him create his own version of hip, happy and healthy dining. With his international background (having spent time in India), experience and ease with people, he is tuned in to the new food trends. Today’s hottest trend is healthy, tasty, organic, eating. People are looking at natural ways of remaining healthy. JJ knew it was the perfect time to create foods that not only satisfy the palate but HEAL the body and soul as well. And Los Angeles was the perfect place for this to happen.

He strongly believes that the healthy dining experience involves the person as a “whole”. Thus Ayur Ras (The Juice of Life) was born, based on the holistic principles of Ayurveda, a 5,000-year old science of life that emphasizes the use of food to achieve balance and wellness. JJ’s innovative ideas about how food should taste and be presented is grounded in the cultural diversity of Indian food, each with its unique aromas and cooking styles, carefully blended into exotic and mouthwatering recipes exclusive to Ayur Ras. Be prepared for the difference—this is beyond what you have ever had before—it’s multidimensional.

Reiki Guru Jyotika

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Reiki Guru Jyotika is a powerful Healer/Teacher of USUI Japan and a certified Ayurvedic Health Professional from Maharishi University of Ayurveda, who has been teaching Healing Foods classes for several years. Jyotika has an amazing in-depth knowledge of spices and their healing properties, inherited from her privileged family and royal sources. She shares her inspiration and expertise to create healthy, wholesome and tasteful recipes exclusive to Ayur Ras.


“Your Body is a Temple of Energy; nourish it with foods that are fresh and pure; foods that are cooked with the Conscious Energy of love, care and joy.”

Ayur Ras Healing Foods reflects the spirit of intent, behind the mind and body. Health through foods.

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