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The Daily Dabba

Eat healthy everyday with our Daily Meal Service

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Daily Meal Service:

The Daily Dabba

Derived from the traditional Indian concept of 'dabba' or 'tiffin,' a freshly cooked and packed meal, we offer you the Ayur Ras Daily Dabba -- healthy, tasty meals, freshly cooked and delivered at your doorstep.
The Daily Dabba comes in vegetarian or non-vegetarian packages for one one or more persons. Family-style meals are available upon request. We incorporate healthy and delicious food specialties from different regions as well as fusion entrees.
What makes the Ayur Ras Daily Dabba so special and different is the way we blend ancient Ayurvedic wisdom of healthy living with the modern-day palate.
Daily Dabba is the perfect choice for those who value health for themselves and their families.
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At Ayur Ras, we only choose food and produce that are:
  • Locally Grown or Produced
  • In-Season
  • Organic, Natural, and Whole
We offer vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb, and low-sodium meals.
We also offer meals that are customized for your special dietary and health requirements.


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3-5 day options available

*Daily delivery fee may apply

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3-5 day options available

*Daily delivery fee may apply

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There is no long-term commitment but a two-day weekly minimum order is required.


 We will accommodate your busy, ever-changing schedule. Try us. You will love the food and feel the difference.


Our meals are also Tri Dosha balanced to suit all 3 Doshas. A ‘Dosha’ is a blueprint of each individual body constitution – physical, mental and emotional.



Ayur Ras serves and presents each meal as a feast for all of your senses, with an appealing blend of colors, textures, flavors and aromas – a very fulfilling and satisfying dining experience for the body, mind and spirit.


        “What we put into our body governs our thoughts and actions and makes us what we are.” – from Charaka Samhita, ancient text on Ayurveda

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